Edinburgh 2008!

Yes dears, summer 2008 was a great period in our campaign to find 101 uses for an ironing board. We didn't quite get all the way to 101, but we did have some great fun on the way!

Apocalypse: The Musical: C Venues, Chambers Street
This one practically goes without saying! We jumped right to Use #101, abducting a milkman, in Apocalypse: The Musical. I bet God was pleased if you came!

Tuesday 5th August, 2.45pm
Luggage Trolley: Waverley Station
With so many people flocking to the wonderful city of Edinburgh for the Festival, we though there might be some travellers who'd like a hand with their bags in Use #52, Luggage Trolley. Unfortunately the police thought differently, and we were swiftly moved on. Oh well!

Ice Cream Vendor Tray: C Venues, Chambers Street
For those who came to watch 'Apocalypse: The Musical' early in the run, you might have been hoping to see our ironing board in use as an Ice Cream Vendor Tray. This one sounded like great fun, but I must confess that most of us were quite busy around that time with our regular milkman abduction; if we hadn't got the ironing board back before Scene 12 we'd have had to tie the milkman to Sister Josie instead! Not a recommended use of an ironing board.

Goal Posts: The Meadows, Saturday 9th August, 3.15pm
Another place you might have spotted us was on The Meadows, where we had a go at using our ironing board in Use #58, Goal Post for a five-a-side football match of nuns vs cows, angels and whores, with our very special guest The Lord himself as referee! Unfortunately some Smileys from HappyLand: The Musical thought they'd get involved, and I caught one of the sisters wearing jeans under her habit. Edinburgh had a bit of a liberalising effect on some, although I'm happy to report this was quickly rectified in the post-Fringe cold shows Chez Convent.

Caber Toss Competition: The Meadows
Also on the meadows, we held a Ironing Board Caber Toss Competition - the lucky contestant who threw the ironing board the furthest won FREE TICKETS to see us in action in 'Apocalypse: The Musical.' Petunia was particularly excited about this one, having been champion of the caber-toss at Convent Sports Day for the last 17 years running...